Sarasate, the divo

Undoubtedly, Pablo Sarasate (Pamplona 1844 – Biarritz 1908) is one of the greatest exponents of violin performance of all time, being on par with violinists of the stature of Paganini, Ysaye, or Joachim. Such was his fame and prestige between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century that composers of the stature of Lalo dedicated to him the Concerto in F and the Spanish Symphony, Bruch his Second Concerto and the Scottish Fantasy, Wieniawsky his Second Concerto, and Joachim his Variations. for violin and orchestra, Saint-Säens his Third Concerto and Dvorak his “Mazurek”.

If we had to define the way of playing of this virtuoso, we could do so by highlighting his clear, sweet, refined and elegant sound, with a wide and continuous use of vibrato. According to what is known until that time, it was not common for the musical performances of the performers to be absent of secondary sounds that clouded the interpretation, so Sarasate It was an exceptional reference in that period.

In relation to his role as a composer, the concert-goers are especially familiar with literature related to Spanish folklore, highlighting works such as Gypsy Airs Op. 20 , Malagueña nº 1 Op. 21 , Habanera No. 2 Op. 21 , Andalusian Romance Op. 22 , Zapateado Op. 23 or the Basque Capricho Op. 24 , among others. However, except the Fantasia sobre Carmen de Bizet Op. 25 , there is great ignorance about the numerous fantasies and whims that Sarasate dedicated to the composers and operas of reference in his time, where the degree of difficulty and creativity is similar to that of his most famous works.

Sarasate, il divo is an artistic proposal that wants to show precisely this repertoire related to the world of opera, quite unknown to the public, through a selection of four fantasies, a whim and a great concert duet adapted by the orchestra conductor Juan Paulo Gomez for a living room format, very much in the style of the time. Likewise, with this program we want to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the death of Sarasate , which will take place during 2018.

The concert program reflects the musical and aesthetic vision of Pablo Sarasate in relation to the world of opera through a journey through the eras of Classicism and Romanticism through some of the most relevant composers and operas of the moment, whose popularity has continued to this day. In the first part of the concert they will perform Fantasy on “The Magic Flute” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Op. 54, Fantasy on “The Poacher” by Carl Maria von Weber Op. 14 and Homage to Rossini Op. 2. In the second, Fantasy on “Faust” by Charles Gounod Op. 13 , Fantasy on “Romeo and Juliet” by Charles Gounod Op. 5 and Fantasy on “Carmen” by George Bizet Op. 25 .

The violinist in charge of interpreting the aforementioned program will be the exceptional violinist Elena Mikhailova accompanied by the string and harp ensemble of the Partiture Philharmonic Orchestra , all of them under the baton of Juan Paulo Gomez .


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