New concert of the MERCÉ SINFÓNICO tour in Salamanca

The next Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 9:00 p.m. The tour of the Mercé Sinfónico show at the Center for Performing Arts and Music ( CAEM) resumes in Salamanca, a tour that began in 2017 and is extended for another year due to the success it has achieved in different parts of the national territory in those that have been presented.

On this occasion, it will be Young Symphony Orchestra “City of Salamanca” who accompanies the Jerez singer José Mercé , again under the musical direction of the orchestra director from Malaga Juan Paulo Gómez , who is also the author of the symphonic arrangements of the songs performed by Mercé throughout the audiovisual show. This program of fusion between the Classical and Flamenco worlds includes three instrumental works composed specifically for the show by the Ubetan composer Cristóbal López Gándara , which are in perfect harmony in terms of style and aesthetics with the rest of the program.

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