Martos will host the preparation of José Mercé's show with the Partiture Orchestra

europa press jaén 01/01/2017 10:47

Rehearsals and recording of promotional material will take place in mid-January at the Teatro Maestro Álvarez Alonso
In mid-January, the Jaén municipality of Martos will host the preparation of José Mercé's new show, 'Mercé Sinfónico', with which the Jerez artist will begin a new tour.

For this, it will have the production of the Partiture Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Juan Paulo Gómez, which will be the resident orchestra of the tour, as indicated to Europa Press by this group from Jaén who have expressed their satisfaction for participating in this “exciting” project. ” which will be a symphonic adaptation of the greatest hits that have marked the singer's extensive career.

Specifically, rehearsals and the recording of the promotional material will take place in mid-January at the Teatro Maestro Álvarez Alonso in the town of Martí, where José Mercé will spend a few days with the members of the philharmonic orchestra.

With 17 albums published since her debut in 1968, Mercé has maintained the pure essence of cante and has mixed it with versions of Manu Chao, Luis Eduardo Aute, Víctor Jara, Louis Armstrong, Pablo Milanés, Los Pop Tops or Joan Manuel Serrat, to position himself as a key artist in Spanish music, breaking boundaries and bringing his art not only to the flamenco audience, but also to a younger audience.

In fact, with more than 600,000 records sold in the last 15 years, he has been able to convey that flamenco is for everyone, bringing it to maximum popularity without losing essence or depth. His latest album, 'Doy la cara', contains classics from the popular music songbook of all time in duets with notables from the current pop scene, such as Joaquín Sabina, Pablo Alborán, Alejandro Sanz or Los Secretos.

For its part, the Partiture Philharmonic Orchestra has managed to achieve “important milestones” in its barely three years of life, such as the concert with the Trío Arbós at the National Auditorium, a space in which it repeated with the concert 'Polio Plus' in collaboration with the Bill Gates Foundation and Rotary International.

He has also given performances on different stages with Ara Malikian or the group Apache and has been part of the Jaén Autumn Festival with the Advent concert with the Cantoría de Jaén, as recalled by the orchestra, which also entertained in Madrid with a section the presentation of the awards on the occasion of the International Day of the Gypsy People.

Along with this, he highlighted that "for the second consecutive year it appears in the Golden Book of Music in Spain", which includes the main orchestras, theaters, festivals and institutions related to classical music.
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