The Villa de Mancha Real Polyphonic Choir is twinned with the Santa María la Mayor de Padul Choir, from Granada

By Esperanza Calzado – May 01, 2019

Mancha Real will celebrate, next May 11, an important day for its music. This is the act of twinning between the Villa de Mancha Real Polyphonic Choir and the Santa María la Mayor de Padul Choir, from Granada. Both are directed by Juan Paulo Gómez , professor of the Orchestra Conducting Chair at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Málaga.

It is not the first time that this twinning has been celebrated, since just a few months ago it was the Mancha Real choir that visited the Padul choir. On this occasion the event will take place at the “Maestro José Luis Quero” Cultural Center starting at eight in the afternoon.

The Mancha Realeña group was born from the enthusiasm of several people related to the Villa de Mancha Real Musical Association. It was created sponsored and encouraged by the Department of Culture and with the collaboration of Juan Paulo Gómez , the director. He has performed concerts in Jaén accompanying the Aida Choir together with the Municipal Band of the capital in a brotherhood music concert. He has also participated in choral meetings such as Beas de Segura, Torreperogil, Torredonjimeno and Villacarrillo, among others. In addition, it has participated in other meetings outside the autonomous community of Andalusia, such as the Basque Country.

In the case of the Granada choir, it was born at the end of 1990 by a group of music lovers. Its first director was Diego Casares. The objective was to solemnize the parish services. In 1993, on the occasion of the Eucharistic Year, he made his first recording on CD with his own repertoire of the Eucharist. Directed since 1995 by Juan Paulo Gómez , has performed in Rome on the occasion of the choir's tenth anniversary. He sang at the Pope's audience in St. Peter's Square.

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