Juan Paulo Gómez will direct at the Infanta Leonor Theater

Juan Paulo Gómez will direct Katiusca at the Teatro Infanta Leonor Juan Paulo Gómez will direct on Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Teatro Infanta Leonor in Jaén the concert version of Katiuska, an operetta in two acts by the San Sebastian composer Pablo Sorozábal . On this occasion, the solo voices will be provided by the singers Carmen Buendía (soprano), Damián Del Castillo (baritone), Jesús Paulano (tenor), David Gascón (baritone), María del Mar Salvador Casas (soprano), Alfonsi Marín ( soprano), Eduardo Martos (tenor) and Queca Heredia (soprano). The participating choral mass will be made up of the voices of the Aida Choir from Jaén, the Villa de Mancha Real Polyphonic Choir (Jaén), the Santa María La Mayor de Padul Choir (Granada) and the Canticum Novum Choir (Granada). The orchestra participating in this performance will be the recently created Partiture Philharmonic Orchestra, an orchestral project that was born within the promoter and cultural manager Partiture Producciones SL, a company founded and chaired by the lyrical tenor singer Jesús Paulano Hernández. This orchestra is made up of instrumentalists with extensive orchestral experience and high musical level of the current Andalusian scene, providing coverage to the projects organized by this company related to opera, zarzuela and symphonic concerts. Juan Paulo Gómez, principal conductor of the Orchestra of the Royal Conservatory of Music “Victoria Eugenia” of Granada and Professor of the Orchestra Conducting Chair of this institution, will be in charge of the musical and artistic direction of this new formation.
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