Juan Paulo Gómez assumes the leadership of the Department of Composition and Orchestral Conducting of the CSM of Málaga

The conductor Juan Paulo Gómez, professor of the Chair of Orchestral Conducting at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Málaga, was elected on September 9 as the new Head of the Department of Composition and Orchestral Conducting of this conservatory. This will be the first time that an orchestra conductor will perform this function in the 136 years of history of this institution dedicated to the training of future creators, performers and teachers related to one of the seven liberal arts: Music.

For Juan Paulo Gómez, this new stage entails “a great responsibility in which I will try to demonstrate, both nationally and internationally, the high level of teaching that is being developed in our center in relation to the specialties of Composition and Direction of Music. Orchestra, being a reference place in their study.”

Juan Paulo Gómez combines his teaching work with his artistic work, since he is also the musical and artistic Director of Partiture Philharmonic Orchestra, a musical group with which he carries out projects not only of Classical Music, but also of fusion with other styles and groups in our field and cultural heritage. His artistic presence is not limited only to the national level, since among the different countries in which he has worked we can highlight his recent debut on August 27 at the Winter Music Festival held in the city of Natal (Brazil) conducting the Symphony Orchestra of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.
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