is committed to a new fusion project between audiovisual and instrumental styles and resources in order to reach a wide audience with diverse tastes a product of great quality and impact capable of uniting classical, ethnic and representative musical styles of our musical heritage, such as like flamenco.

With the pianist DORANTES , the show is designed HORIZONTES , an ambitious symphonic proposal together with the PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA SHEET where songs composed by DORANTS of the stature of Orobroy or Caravana de los Zincalí, already included in previous symphonic works by the Lebrija pianist, with other more recent and even premiere ones such as Molto rolledado, Niñez, Errante, Oleaítas mare, Cuatro leguas de amor, Atardecer and Barejones; songs that will capture a new and different sound thanks to the symphonic instrumentations made by the composer CRISTÓBAL LÓPEZ GÁNDARA .

In HORIZONS , DORANTS continues its line of musical fusion in which flamenco, classical music and new music go hand in hand in perfect harmony through a surprising evolution, an opening in stylistic terms that radically expands the panorama of contemporary music.

From the hand of the orchestra director JUAN PAULO GÓMEZ , musical and artistic director of the show, DORANTS proposes something more than the simple curiosity of capturing his music on the piano. Its idea is to show a native language in an implemented way with new sound and timbre resources in perfect fusion with other stylistic elements strongly rooted in other folkloric cultures. His music, as with great works of art, has the ability to cross the boundaries of understanding, conquering both those who are willing to analyze it and those for whom the enjoyment of the senses is the most essential objective.

In HORIZONS The most daring rhythms intermingle, like streamers, avoiding any prohibition in music and inviting the audience to let themselves be carried along the paths that it itself explores.

The premiere of this new show will take place next Saturday, October 6 at 8:00 p.m. at the Andujar Main Theater (Jaén).

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