HORIZONTES, fusion show between flamenco and classical style


Laura Plaza / 06.10.18

Dorantes brings his fusion of flamenco and classical style

He is accompanied by Partiture Philharmonic Orchesta, at the premiere of “Horizontes”

Dorantes and Partiture Philharmonic Orchesta begin the tour of their show “Horizontes” today at the Teatro Principal, at 8:00 p.m. The composer and flamenco pianist Dorantes, and the musical and artistic director Juan Paulo Gómez advanced some aspects of the show, which opens in Andújar "due to the good disposition of the City Council."

The composer explained that the show “consists of a different musical proposal, a different way of seeing flamenco music, with great arrangements, with the Partiture orchestra and, above all, with great enthusiasm, with the desire to make people vibrate.” .

Regarding the choice of this municipality to begin his tour, the composer stressed that Andújar has a great flamenco tradition. He recalled that, in 2012, he visited the municipality during the celebration of the Romero Rafael “El Gallina” Award.

Regarding what he feels when he plays in this city, David Peña Dorantes said: “When you go on stage here, in Andújar, you feel that sensitivity.” The musician pointed out that the work he presents “is well thought out, to make you vibrate. Each song has its reason, and has its moment of expression, to touch the listener's heart at every moment. "I'll keep everything."

The pianist and composer Dorantes is the only artist awarded with three giraldillos in a single show at the Seville Flamenco Biennial. Regarding his musical style, he has Juan Peña, “El Lebrijano”, his uncle, now deceased, as a reference. He comments that, during his musical training, he was close to African rhythms, jazz, classical style, and the Balkan style. As a result, his compositions are a mix of these styles.

For his part, the musical and artistic director of the show “Horizontes”, Juan Paulo Gómez, explained that with this event they intend to “go further”, take another step in the career of Dorantes and Partiture Philharmonic Orchesta. Gómez pointed out that attendees will find “a mixture of colors, fusions of sounds, ranging from what Dorantes actually proposes, with that fusion of flamenco, jazz, to a symphonic show, classical in structure.”

This discipline that the academy proposes will be appreciated, in combination and fusion “with the freedom and improvisation generated by the flamenco world and the environment of Dorantes,” stated the musical and artistic director. The “Horizontes” tour begins in Andújar, but will continue throughout the national territory. “We want to address important cities, such as Seville, which is an important reference point for Dorantes himself; also Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, San Sebastián,” explained Gómez. The concerts will then continue in other Spanish municipalities and they are waiting to learn about the future international destinations they will offer. Regarding the start of the tour, the director stated that they are: “Very excited, and above all grateful, because they give you a theater to be able to do all the tests. We know that there will be a public that reacts very well to the project.”

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