“Symphony for a better world”

Next Thursday, November 24 at 8:00 p.m., the solidarity concert “Symphony for a better world” will take place in the Edgar Neville Auditorium of the Provincial Council of Malaga. The concert program will consist of the absolute premiere of the symphony that gives its name to the concert, composed by the composer Juan Antonio Simarro, as well as Symphony No. 9 in E minor Op. 95 “Del Nuevo Mundo” by Antonin Dvorak.

The performers of the concert will be the Official Choir of the University of Malaga, whose principal conductor is Santiago Otero Vela, as well as the International Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (IYPO), a non-profit Spanish group whose objective is the training of young musicians, which is director Gema Quirant. On this occasion, they will all be conducted by the Malaga conductor Juan Paulo Gómez, professor of the Orchestra Conducting Chair of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Malaga and Musical and Artistic Director of Partiture Philharmonic Orchestra.

This project is a call to action and understanding of all people and states who believe that effective compliance with human rights and sustainable development are possible. In the face of poverty, inequality and war, this piece of music promotes a world where all people can live with dignity, in harmony with nature, helping to build peace in the minds of all human beings. It is intended that this symphony be a MUSICAL SYMBOL of human rights and sustainable development in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Centers and Rotary International District 2203.

The “Symphony for a Better World” arises from the idea that the composer Juan Antonio Simarro has of wanting to change the world through music and is structured in four movements. The first of them is titled “Overture for Human Rights”, which commemorates Children's Rights Day, which is celebrated on November 20. The second, “Tribute”, dedicated to all the people who are no longer with us, who left our side unjustly, and to those who fought for what they believed in to make this world a better place. The third is dedicated to sustainable development. The fourth, of a positive and hopeful nature, is titled “A better world.”

The concert donation will be €8, part of which will go to the local charity project determined by the organization, and tickets can be purchased through the El Corte Inglés centers (Calle Hilera and Centro Comercial Bahía), as well as through of your online channel.
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